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        Should Men Use Affectionate Emojis?

        Men, you may want to think twice the next time you send a kissing face or heart-eyes emoji in a text message.

        According to new research published in Frontiers in Psychology, the interpretation of emojis can vary drastically depending on the gender of the sender.

        To examine gender differences in emoji interpretation, psychologists at Southwestern University recruited 80 undergraduate students to take part in a short experiment. In this study, participants were randomly assigned to one of four experimental groups.

        为了研究表情符号解读中的性别差异,美国西南大学的心理学家招募了80名大学生参加一个简短的实验。 在这项研究中,参与者被随机分配到四个实验组。
        They were asked to read and evaluate the contents of a text message. The text message, ostensibly sent from one coworker to another, read: "Hey Katie I'm sorry I couldn't come in yesterday. I'm feeling a lot better today though. Thanks for covering my shift."
        他们被要求阅读和评估短信的内容。 这条短信表面上是一个同事发给另一个同事的,上面写着:"嘿,凯蒂,很抱歉我昨天没能来上班。 不过我今天感觉好多了。 谢谢你帮我顶班。"

        While the words in the text message did not differ between groups, the researchers systematically varied the perceived gender of the text message sender (Rebecca versus Steven) as well as the emojis displayed at the end of the message (smiling face versus kissing face and heart emoji).


        In other words, participants either read the text message sent from Rebecca and ending in a smiling face, sent from Steven and ending in a smiling face, sent from Rebecca and ending in a kissing face and heart emoji, or sent from Steven and ending in a kissing face and heart emoji.

        Then, researchers asked participants to evaluate the appropriateness of the text message by indicating their level of agreement with the following statements:



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