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        • 小学英语作文

        • Love From My Mother 妈妈的爱

          2019-05-09 所属栏目:小学英语作文

          I always complain about my mother, because she is very strict to me and I can&rsquo;t do whatever I want. But some day, when I go home very late, she criticizes me at first and the

        • My Goal 我的目标

          2019-05-07 所属栏目:小学英语作文

          New semester is coming soon, and I will be a six grade student. I am so excited about the last year of the primary school, so I have made up my mind. I must study hard and improve

        • Lovely Panda 可爱的熊猫

          2019-04-30 所属栏目:小学英语作文

          When I was very small, I saw an interesting movie, which was called Kongfu Panda. The fat panda image was so lovely and I learned that there was such a lovely animal in the world.

        • Plans in the New Semester 新学期计划

          2019-04-25 所属栏目:小学英语作文

          As the new semester is coming, I feel so excited. It will be my last year in primary school, so I cherish every moment with my friends. I have made up my mind to study hard, so tha

        • The Story I Like 我喜爱的故事

          2019-04-22 所属栏目:小学英语作文

          Since I was very small, my parents would read me some stories before I slept. I like to hear the stories that describe a girl&rsquo;s growing up. These girls are so brave and becom

        • The Best Age 最好的年华

          2019-04-19 所属栏目:小学英语作文

          In the Chinese lesson, I need to recite many old poems, which is very difficult for the elder to do it, but it is so easy to me. As I am young and full of energy, I can finish the

        • The Promise I Make 我许下的诺言

          2019-04-15 所属栏目:小学英语作文

          Today, my mother has something to do, so she needs to meet her friends. I make a promise that I will clean the house when she returns. But I become lazy soon. I start to play compu

        • The Moment I Grow Up 那一刻,我长大了

          2019-04-15 所属栏目:小学英语作文

          Every child needs his parents when they meet trouble. It is natural for them to find protection. My parents protect me all the time. I can feel their love. But as I grow up, I want

        • My Good Partner 我的好伙伴

          2019-04-08 所属栏目:小学英语作文

          I have a good friend. Her name is Li Hua. We know each other when we were five years old, because we have so many things in common. We become partners soon. I like to go out for fu

        • Teacher's Love 教师的爱

          2019-04-03 所属栏目:小学英语作文

          The day I go to school, I remember that I feel so scared because it is the first time for me to leave my parents. Then my teacher comes to me and smiles at me. I feel so comfortabl

        • Our Secret 我们的秘密

          2019-03-28 所属栏目:小学英语作文

          My friends and I have planned to do something interesting. We write down our future wishes and put them in a bottle. Then we exchange the bottles, making it as our secrets. We make

        • Black People 黑人

          2019-03-22 所属栏目:小学英语作文

          As a small child, I get used to think there is only yellow skin people in the world, but I realize there are also white skin and black skin people in another side of the world late

        • Future Language 未来的语言

          2019-03-22 所属栏目:小学英语作文

          English is the International language. My parents let me learn it since I was three years old. But as China is becoming stronger, the world is crazy about learning Chinese. Many su

        • Don't Let Parents Down 不让父母失望

          2019-03-18 所属栏目:小学英语作文

          I always want to be the best student, so as to let my parents be proud of me. I never want to let them down. But my parents don't want me to have much pressure. All they want me

        • The Raining Day 下雨天

          2019-03-11 所属栏目:小学英语作文

          Summer is so hot. It hasn&rsquo;t rained for more than one month and the air is so stuffy. But today, the rain finally comes. I am so happy when I see the dark cloud. It is so cool

        • The Best Moment 最美好的时刻

          2019-03-11 所属栏目:小学英语作文

          Today is my birthday. Early in the morning, I get many wishes from my classmates. After class, I ask many of my friends to come to my house to celebrate my big day. My parents prep

        • Jack's Choice 杰克的选择

          2019-03-04 所属栏目:小学英语作文

          As Jack will be a middle school student soon, his parents want to move around the school to take care of him, but Jack tells his parents that they needn't to do it, because he can

        • Family Rules 家庭规则

          2019-02-28 所属栏目:小学英语作文

          David Beckham and his families are so famous around the world, no matter where they go, they will catch the media's attention. The four lovely children are favored by people, too.

        • I Don't Keep My Words 我失信了

          2019-02-25 所属栏目:小学英语作文

          Last night, my friends and I made the plan to go out for fun. But early in the morning, I was too tired and couldn&rsquo;t wake up. So I lied to my friends. I toldl them I was not

        • My Loneliness 我的孤独

          2019-02-19 所属栏目:小学英语作文

          Today, my parents go to have an important meeting with their friends, so they leave me home alone. Though my mother has prepared everything I need, I still feel a little sad. I wat

        • The Real Happiness 真正的开心

          2019-02-18 所属栏目:小学英语作文

          I live in an ordinary family. Though my parents are not rich enough to buy what I want, they give me the best thing. That is love. I have a rich friend. Her name is Lucy. She alway

        • My Hobby 我的兴趣爱好

          2019-02-13 所属栏目:小学英语作文

          Since I was very small, my parents have sent me to learn many skills, such as dancing and drawing, but I am not interested in them. I want to play tennis. I tell my parents my real

        • Beautiful Memory 美好的记忆

          2019-02-11 所属栏目:小学英语作文

          Two years ago, I lived in my hometown. It is a beautiful place for me and I like the life there. Every day, I wake up early in the morning, then I will walk in the country road wit

        • The Inspiring Stories 激励人心的故事

          2019-02-11 所属栏目:小学英语作文

          I like to watch movies, especially when I see the inspiring stories, I will feel touched. These stories are good for me. They inspire me to move on when I meet difficulties. The he

        • The Story of Cinderella 灰姑娘的故事

          2019-02-02 所属栏目:小学英语作文

          Two years ago, I read the fairy tale of Cinderella. Everybody knows Cinderella is treated badly by her stepmother and she is finally rescued by a prince. It seems such a wonderful

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